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Comfort Water Chiller Installation for a Local Church

  • Client: Local Community Church
  • Location: Northeast Ohio, Akron, Summit County


An Akron area Community Church that we have taken care of for years had a 25-ton water chiller that they had used for years to cool their building which contained a worship area and a preschool. For the past 20 years or so the chiller had served them well, providing comfortable cooling through hot Ohio summers. In recent years, though, we noticed that repairs were growing more commonplace. The fact that we had been maintaining it over much of that period was a big help in knowing this repair trend.

The final straw came when a technician found that the bundle had finally failed. After the cost of various repairs were estimated, the obvious solution to their problem was to replace it with a new one.


After analyzing the building's occupied/unoccupied schedule and running new heat transfer design calculations we determined that they should stay with the same size unit, and a comparable Carrier water chiller system was selected for the application.

In addition to supplying them with their new Carrier comfort water chiller, we designed a new platform that allowed the new, much smaller unit to sit on the same spot that the old unit sat.


  • One new 25-ton Carrier comfort water chiller
  • New steel mounting platform

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