Commercial HVAC Planned Maintenance

Planned Maintenance Programs ~ Stabilize efficiency and operating costs across the life of a HVAC system.

Planned maintenance programs are comprehensive equipment maintenance management programs designed to keep HVAC systems running dependably and efficiently. With PRO-Active, we plan, initiate and track the maintenance of your facility effectively. These scheduling and tracking routines help technicians keep your facility in the best condition by establishing maintenance procedures for each scheduled visit.

Planned maintenance is the key to extending the life of your equipment. Our program provides the necessary labor, materials and test equipment needed to maintain your systems at their peak efficiency.

Tailored to your needs ~ The Geopfert Company initiates, schedules, administers, monitors and updates your program. We direct and schedule service activities based on our experience and criteria specific to your system and its usage such as run time, hours of operation and desired results.

Planned maintenance programs provide labor, materials and test equipment necessary to inspect, adjust, calibrate and test your system operation. These exclusively Geopfert programs help reduce energy consumption, costs and down-time while improving the system performance and any comfort problems.

Planned maintenance saves energy dollars. These Department of Energy figures demonstrate how much planned maintenance like the Geopfert PRO-Active Maintenance Programs can save you in energy costs.


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