Rubber Mfg Process Chiller

Process Water Chiller Installation

Client: A Local Manufacturer of Rubber Products
Location: Northeast Ohio, Akron, Summit County


A local, Northeast Ohio manufacturer of rubber products came to us with a 100-ton process water chiller that had been growing more and more problematic over the past several years. The system was a 14-year-old packaged unit, with the compressors, bundle, and condensing system all in one frame. The unit sat just outside their manufacturing facility, which, in the past, had been a dusty environment for it. Because of these conditions and some excessive acid washing over its life, the unit’s condenser coil fins had become very thin and could no longer dissipate the heat for which they had originally been designed.

At least two of the three compressors had been rebuilt, and among other problems, the chiller was having trouble handling the cooling load necessary for their process.


After doing an engineering analysis of their process needs we determined that the company didn’t need any more cooling capacity than what they currently had, they just needed a process chiller that wasn’t old and tired. After looking into some options for working with the existing chiller, it became clear that a new one, of the same type and size, would be the clear way to solve their problem.

Their new, Carrier 100-ton chiller arrived two months later and we went through the three-day process of disconnecting, removing, installing, reconnecting, and starting up their new one. In addition to the new chiller we installed all new chiller loop piping and two new, fully-redundant water pumps for that loop.


  • Two new MEPCO chiller-loop water pumps
  • One new custom water filter
  • One new 100-ton Carrier process water chiller


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