Control Redesign for Church

HVAC Control Redesign for Church

Client: Local Catholic Parish
Location: Northeast Ohio, Akron/Canton, Stark County


A local, Akron/Canton area Catholic Parish called us looking for help with their heating and cooling system. They had a built-up air handling unit with a hot water boiler and direct expansion cooling coil. The system was controlled with a proprietary, original equipment manufacturer control system that greatly limited the number of heating and cooling contractors who could work on it.

The HVAC system had consistent nuisance trip-outs during the middle of the night. During these occurrences church staff would arrive to work in the morning to find that the building was freezing cold (winter season) or very hot (summer season). Because if the problematic trip-outs, church staff members were always concerned about the potential of the heating system going out on a very cold winter night and resulting in a frozen building with compounded damage (i.e. burst water pipes).


We completely removed all of their existing OEM, proprietary controls and installed all new Honeywell direct digital controls. Because the Honeywell system is more widely known by heating and cooling contractors this increased their chances of being able to choose between different companies to maintain their system in the future.

We programmed their new controls to meet their specific occupancy needs which meant that their HVAC equipment would now maintain occupied spaces at desired set-points when desired, then set temperatures to more moderate, energy-sensitive settings when the spaces were not being used.

Our system has completely eliminated nuisance trip-outs, greatly improved comfort, saved energy, and saved money due to reliable operation (no more unexpected service calls). Probably the nicest benefit of all is the peace of mind that church staff now has that they no longer have to worry about the potential that the building will be damaged because their heating equipment turned off on a cold winter night.


  • All new Honeywell direct digital controls
  • Existing heating and cooling equipment


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