Weld-shop Smoke Exhaust

Weld-shop Smoke Exhaust

Client: Manufacturer of hydraulic equipment for the trucking and transportation industry
Location: Northeast Ohio, Akron, Summit county area


A local manufacturer of hydraulic truck equipment approached us about the ventilation of welding fumes and smoke generated by their production processes. They needed a simple solution for controlling the movement of air throughout their manufacturing floor space. It needed to be customizable to accommodate their varying work shift and manufacturing schedules.


After reviewing current exhaust fan specifications we determined that their problem could be solved by using existing equipment. Our controls division designed and built a custom control panel. The panel allowed shop managers to set run times and off times to match production schedules for a given day. During heavy smoke periods the system could be set to open outside air dampers and power on the exhaust system flushing the smoke from the working space; then set back during slower production times to lesson energy usage.


  • Customer’s existing exhaust fans, miscellaneous control components


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